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CLIMATE CHANGE & ENERGY  | How growing energy needs affects our natural resources

St. Kitts & Nevis Project Profiles
Development of National Energy Policy and Sustainable Energy Plans

Purpose: Through the OAS Caribbean Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP), GSEII is working with the local government to develop a long term national energy policy and shorter term sustainable energy plans for the nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

As of 2006, GSEII consortium members with UNIDO drafted a sustainable energy plan with local stakeholders. Though the government position on a long-term policy remains unclear, it seems more and more likely that the development of geothermal and wind power will eventually prove to be key factors in a policy.
Wind Energy Development

Purpose: St. Kitts and Nevis, along with the other Caribbean nations, has the potential to rely almost exclusively on renewable wind energy for all its electricity needs. With the help of GSEII consortium members, it may be feasible to turn St. Kitts into the leading Caribbean nation for wind energy. The goal of this project is to help facilitate conversation between the Nevis Island Authority (NIA) and private developers for the commission of a wind farm with up to 10 MW capacity.

Description: In fall 2007, German aid organization GTZ installed wind monitoring equipment to develop a wind resource map. Simultaneously, the Organization of American States received several inquiries by private companies regarding exploring wind projects. In spring 2008, private wind developers negotiated with the NIA on details of a power purchase agreement for the development of a 1,100 KW wind park. OAS verified the wind resource assessment based on a one-year wind database.

Update: In late summer of 2010, the 1.1 MW wind farm, coordinated by OAS, was finally opened and operational in St. Nevis.

Geothermal Energy Development

Geothermal Energy in the Caribbean Case Study

Purpose: GSEII's original interest in the nation of St. Kitts and Nevis lay in its potential as a site for geothermal energy development. Through the OAS Geo-Caraibes project, GSEII has worked on the island of Nevis to explore geothermal potential. This project, if successful, will allow St. Kitts and Nevis to lead the way in renewable energy through geothermal resources.

Description: In 2008, using information from the OAS press feasibility study of geothermal potential on Nevis from 2006, West Indies Power, Ltd. Conducted exploratory drilling and confirmed the existence of geothermal sites whose energy could be harvested. GSEII legal experts worked with NIA soon afterwards to draft the Geothermal Resource Bill and a draft Power Purchase Agreement for arrangement between a developer and the NIA.

In April 2009, NIA issued a geothermal resource concession to West Indies Power, allowing the company to develop and produce electricity using geothermal resources. A 25 year Power Purchase Agreement was signed by West Indies Power and NEVLEC for 10 MW of electric power, which OAS helped broker. Further, the island of Nevis hosted the first two-week Eastern Caribbean Geothermal Conference in June 2009.

Update: Although the project was temporarily put on hold through 2010, work is slated to begin in early 2011 and West Indies Power Ltd. promises to begin delivering power no later than the end of 2011.